Monday, June 7, 2010

Silca Pista

Somebody at my shop threw an old Silca Pista into the metal recycling bin.

I took it back out.

The hose was cracking at the ends, the chuck needed a new washer and isn't schrader compatible, and the gauge was smashed. Oh, and the pump couldn't go over about 30 psi without leaking around the plunger seal. With most pumps this would mean that it was indeed trashed, but unless you've hit it with a car, Silca pumps just don't die.

I cut down the hose (reusable spring hose clamps made this a snap), replaced the chuck, and installed a new spacer and leather washer kit on the plunger. I don't care about the broken gauge, but I could have replaced that as well.

Total retail cost for all the parts I used: $14.

The pump now works wonderfully, is compatible with Presta and Schrader, and can hit over 200 psi. And if any of the parts fail, they are generally available at either a local shop or on order from QBP.

As a side note, the barrel of the pump is made from nicer tubing than most bikes. Including all of my bikes. Awesomeness. I'm very tempted to mount it under the boom tube of the Sea Goat as an over-sized frame pump.

Update 1/23/2011 : Replaced the smashed gauge with one from a different (Serfas, not a Silca) pump that failed. Yay for common parts standards!

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