Sunday, August 28, 2011

Appropriating Features

I saw this feature on an Osprey cycling-specific pack at work:

Image from
 Designed to hold a helmet to the pack, it is a plastic plate which can be passed through a vent in the helmet with a loop of elastic to hold everything together. Clever.

I already have a pack that I prefer, so I added my own helmet holder to it using materials that I had lying around in the shop.

My version, attached to a bag.

The plate is an SPD blanking plate, found on many new SPD-compatible shoes. It is attached to the webbing loops on my bag by a short length of shock cord passed through through the existing holes in the plate. Total cost to me: Free + five minutes.

Helmets are held quite securely by my version. However, the webbing is near the bottom of the bag, making the entire assembly quite deep when a helmet is attached. This makes tight aisles at the market slightly trickier, but is otherwise a non-issue. 

The Osprey pack puts the helmet at the top of the bag, much more out of the way. To put my helmet holder in the same position would be inconvenient as the bag is a roll-top dry bag, and the helmet would obstruct opening and closing the bag. It would also require cutting holes in my nice bag, which I am reluctant to do.