Thursday, September 1, 2011

PVC Bike Rack

There are several bike nerds in my house (including myself), and everyone rides a bike at least occasionally. We have a space for the bikes, but without a rack it was just a pile of bikes. We noticed some PVC racks at the Marin Century, and figured that it was likely the most cost effective way to have a rack in our backyard.

I bought a drill and a hole saw for this project, but other than that the cost was under $50 for the PVC and fittings. Rather than doing my usual long blog post about it, I wanted to make a really quick and easy one-sheet so that anyone could go out and do this in an afternoon.

Here it is on Google Docs: The first sheet has everything that you'd need to do the project, the second has a bit more information and detail on the assembly and cutting process. I neglected to mention this on the file itself, but the plans are free to use under a CC0 license. I also used "PVC Fittings & Pipe for the hobbyist" by Mintaka in Sketchup to make the plans.


  1. Hey Robert,

    Built this over the weekend and just wanted to thank you for the plans. I did a 5' version that beautifully handles 6 bikes of various sizes, 2 scooters, and unicycle. :D

    You have brought sanity to my garage with your clever design. Thanks again!

  2. That sounds like quite the fleet, glad the plans helped!

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