Tuesday, January 10, 2012


This was a fast afternoon project, the most complicated and time consuming part is making it look nice afterward. I wanted my top-knot-port to look at least somewhat clean and finished, so I used a relatively nice helmet and used the existing covering to hide the edges on the hole.

The bit dangling behind the hole is the rear strap for the helmet.
If you want to do this at home, the steps are easy: grab a helmet, cut the seam in the fabric covering and move it away from wherever you're drilling the hole. Drill a huge hole using a 3" hole saw and a drill with some oomph (drill out just the hard plastic layer, use a knife or hot wire to cut the foam). Spend the next two hours using double sided carpet tape, super glue and an Xacto knife to tape the fabric into place, glue the seam back down flat, trim it and tuck it under the hard shell to get a nice clean edge on the hole. Stencil a stripe and your initials on it, as if somehow someone might mistake it for theirs.

Note the not-sewed seam: super glue works wonders, and looks fine.

I made this helmet so that I wouldn't have to take my top knot out to go on test rides at work. Yes, this is incredibly dorky, yes it does void the warranty, yes it is less safe overall now. But...I have yet to hit my head while on a test ride (knock on wood) and in my non-test ride head-ground interactions, the top back of my helmet is unlikely to go directly into the ground. Usually it's the back or side. Usually. If you do this, it's your own fault if anything goes wrong: drilling a hole in your helmet is clearly a bad idea.

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